Welcome to the IAN public beta.
Please follow the next steps to get started!

Please click on this link (t.me/IOTA_IAN_BOT) on the device, where Telegram is installed!

Please type or click on /start to connect with the bot the first time. You should now receive the first message from the bot (see screenshot).

To start using the bot, it is important that you understand the differences between a seed and an address. Seeds should not be entered here! Please read the following dialog and confirm the dialog by typing or clicking on /IWillNotUseASeed

The bot is now up and running! To interact with the bot there are several commands. You can get an overview about all commands by typing: /help

There are two types of commands that users can send to the bot. The first ones are like /help or /showStats and do not feature additional information.

If users want to tell the bot to start observing an address, the second kind of commands is used. These commands have additional text. To start observing an address, please type: /startWatch followed by your IOTA address. Please note that /startWatch and your address should be one single message!

Restrictions of the current beta:

• Each user can observe up to 10 addresses at the moment – this limitation is needed to maintain fairness among all testers.
Addresses have to be attached to the tangle in order to work with IAN
Addresses with more that 250 transactions are rejected by the bot – this limitation is currently necessary, because observing “spam” addresses could overburden the bot.
• To prevent users from spamming, users are muted for 5 minutes if they sent more than 50 messages in a 5 minutes interval.